Hello there!
My name is Sophie Olga de Jong and I am an artist and  animation filmmaker,  working and living in Amsterdam. My work includes independent projects as well as commissioned animation.

I grew up in Bergen (NH), a small village in The Netherlands. As the daughter of an illustrator I started drawing from an early age. I wanted to become a comic artist, but had trouble drawing the same character several times.
Whilst attending art school AKV St. Joost in Breda, I became very fond of animation, and discovered that somehow I had no problem drawing the same character 24 times for every second of film, and I produced my first hand-drawn film For the Time Being (2010).
Since graduating I have been working as a freelancer on a variety of projects for tv shows, commercials, music videos and animations for museums and theatre. Together with Sytske Kok I finished the independent short animation film Cycle (2018), with whom I am now developing another animated film Hondenleven.

You can buy some of my original drawings and prints in my shop

I am currently available for freelance commissions and I love getting surprise mail!

A selection of clients that I’ve worked for and funds that suported my films: